For some women, excessively large nipples can lead to a complex, and the fact of getting dressed may be a difficult to hide their nipples.
Your areolas are the pigmented areas surrounding your nipples. Like breasts, areolas vary widely in size, color, and shape. It’s perfectly normal to have large or differently sized areolas. If you’re uncomfortable with the size of your areolas, reduction is possible.

Nipple/Areola reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure that can reduce the diameter of one or both of your nipples/areolas. It can be performed on its own, or together with a breast lift, a breast reduction, or breast augmentation. The surgery is also can be performed under local anesthesia.

For women, nipple/areola reduction surgery shouldn’t be performed until breasts are completely done growing, usually by late teens or early 20s. Adolescent males may be able to have this procedure done at an earlier age. Nipple surgery might interfere with the breast feeding ability.


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